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Worrying About The Gap in Teeth? Here’s Everything You Should Know

October 30, 2021

Having a perfect smile is everyone’s dream. No one likes a gap in between the teeth because it deviates the person’s attention whom we are in conversation with, which is certainly not what we need. Do you want to know more about the gap in your teeth, why does it appear, and the restoration plan? Read on to get your answers.


The space in your teeth is scientifically known as diastema. They can be present anywhere in your jaw but most prominently and commonly found between the front two incisors. This condition is seen in children as well as adults.

Most commonly, the gap in the teeth develops in children of five years or under. Usually, this gap reduces or closes on its own by the time they reach eight or ten. However, if the permanent incisors and canines have already grown and the gap is still there between the teeth, it will likely stay open throughout.

Causes of Gap in the Teeth

There are multiple reasons associated with the presence of gaps in the teeth explained below.

1. Genetics

The size of the teeth is determined by genes. If it is smaller compared to your jaw bone, they are bound to have gaps between them.

2. Frenum Fold

A frenum is the skin fold found that attaches the upper lip to the gum. If your frenum is situated lower than normal, it will lead to a big or small gap in the teeth.

3. Thumb Sucking Issue

Usually, children who have the habit of sucking their thumb put immense pressure on the frontal jaw, causing their teeth to pull forward.

4. Tongue Thrust

This condition can also appear in adults during the later years. If your swallowing pattern is incorrect, the tongue pushes frontal incisor teeth forward, forming a gap in them.

5. Missing teeth

Some children or adults may have a missing tooth either by birth or due to trauma, making a big space in the teeth.

6. Gum Disease

People suffering from gum disease have inflammation of the gums that support the tooth. Moreover, this issue can cause loss of a tooth as well, leaving spaces between them.

How to Fill a Gap in the Teeth?

Most of the time, people tend to leave it just like that since it is merely a cosmetic issue. However, if the gap in your teeth is due to gum disease, your dentist will give you multiple options for fixing the gaps in your teeth.


The wires and brackets put pressure on the teeth closing the gap between them.

Veneers or Bonding

If you are not comfortable with using braces, veneers or bonding is a good option. The dentist uses a resin similar to your tooth color to fill in the void between the teeth.

Surgery for Frenum

Removal of extra tissue helps in reducing the space. However, if the gap is large, then you might need braces along with it too.

Although a gap in the teeth might not seem like a big issue to fret on, in reality, it has a huge impact on a person’s development and self-confidence. Dentists at Almond Dental in TX will set you up on the right track and restore your precious smile. Call now at 612-782-7000 St. Anthony and Maple Grove 763-762-7177 for information or more.


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