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Why to Have a Temporary Tooth Replacement?

April 15, 2020

Many of us get concerned about our teeth and how we look when we smile. However, not all teeth are visible when we talk or open our mouth to eat something. Even if others cannot see them, it is imperative we get a lost tooth replaced. The best option is to get an implant. However, before a dentist installs an implant, he places a temporary tooth. Temporary tooth replacement solves a lot of problems that may occur when a tooth is lost.

When to have a temporary tooth replacement

A temporary tooth is a bridge between a lost tooth and a permanent solution. However, if a person feels the other options like implants and dentures are expensive, he/she may opt for a temporary tooth for several years. A dentist may also suggest a temporary tooth when he is waiting for the lab to prepare your dentures.

An adult may be happy to get an implant, but a teenager might not get the same benefit from it. Though the permanent teeth erupt by the time children mature, their jaws are still developing. If a person chooses to have an implant too early it might get misaligned. In such a case, the dentist
suggests having a temporary tooth replacement.

Temporary tooth replacement options

Replacing a tooth is a challenge in itself. And for teenagers, this is even a worse experience as the jaw bone is still developing. In such cases where a permanent replacement is not suitable, dentists suggest temporary tooth replacement. Following are some of the options:

1. Removable partial dentures

Whenever we read about dentures, a very old person comes to our mind, who has lost all his/ her teeth. But removable partial dentures are a valid option for teenagers as well. These dentures have a base of acrylic which closely resembles natural gums and is a perfect solution for a temporary problem.

2. Bonded Bridge

This is similar to the traditional bridge. However, the dentist attaches this to each of the adjacent teeth from the back. This helps to hide it from others. Bonded bridge protects the teeth till the time the jaws become mature for the implant.

However, placing a temporary tooth replacement and choosing the right option requires expertise. A random dentist might choose an option that might harm your jaws and gums. Therefore, visiting a reliable dentist becomes mandatory. The dentists at Almond Dental excel at treating various dental concerns and ensure to choose the right option to avoid discomfort. Call us on 612-782-7000 or 763-762-7177 if you have any further queries.



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