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Why Do I Have a Hard Bump on My Gums

April 30, 2022

Your gum tissue is the main support for your teeth. It protects the roots of your teeth and prevents bacteria from reaching them. Mainly good oral care will ensure that your gums stay healthy. On the other hand, bad oral habits and bad diets could cause complications. If you don’t brush your teeth, the plaque will build up on your teeth. If you don’t floss daily, debris will be stuck between your teeth. If you don’t use mouthwash, you will have bad breath. Escalating these bad habits will cause dental and oral problems. One such problem is a hard bump on the gums.

Many different reasons could cause these bumps. Sometimes it is harmful, but most times, it is just an inconvenience. This doesn’t mean it can’t be anything serious. If you discover such a bump, we recommend you talk to a periodontist about it because the condition comes in their field of expertise. If you don’t know a periodontist, consult us about it, and we will guide you accordingly.

Causes of Little Bumps on Gums

Bacterial infection is the most likely cause of this condition. It is always possible to be something much more severe, so don’t ignore it and ask a doctor to diagnose it. Very rarely does it happen that these bumps on your gums are cancerous, but that’s not common, so don’t panic. Some most likely reasons for these bumps are as follows.

Oral Fibromas
These are the most common causes of bumps on the gum tissue. Fibromas develop when a dental device like dentures or bridges irritates the gum tissue. They are mostly painless and won’t require any treatment. Unless severe, they will heal in a few days.

A bacterial infection causes an Abscess. This is a puss-filled soft bump and sometimes will feel like it’s pulsating. Abscesses can feel painful upon touch. After a successful diagnosis, your dentist can drain the puss and clean the infection to end the cause.

Cysts only form around fallen teeth and empty gums. These are little bumps on gums filled with liquid and gas. Their growth is slow without causing any pain or problems. These are not painful and can heal over time unless they are infected. In that case, your dentist can remove these with a minor procedure.

Pyogenic Granuloma
These red, blood-filled bumps develop in oral tissue due to irritation and infection. These are different from fibromas and cysts because they don’t heal. They have to be removed surgically, but the procedure is not painful at all.

Mandibular Torus
A bony growth causes mandibular torus (hard bumps on your gums). The reasons for the bony growth are different, but they cause the mandibular torus to grow on one or both sides of your mouth. They don’t typically require treatment, but if the bony growth is painful, it will require your dentist’s attention.


These bumps are not generally harmless but could indicate something bigger. It is wise to consult your oral care specialist. If you are looking for oral care specialists, please contact Almond dental at our St. Anthony location at 612-782-7000 or our Maple Grove location at (763) 762-7177.


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