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Why Can Laser Therapy Be The Idle Treatment For Gum Diseases?

May 15, 2021

Laser has revolutionized many industries, and general dentistry is next in line. It’s a great alternative to traditional treatment. However, for many treatments, lasers are used in conjunction with traditional options to reap the benefits of both choices. Similarly, dentists use laser therapy to treat gum diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

What Is The Laser Therapy:

A laser is a concentrated beam of electrons. A dentist points the laser at soft tissues, and the tissue zaps out of existence. Furthermore, laser therapy also works on hard tissues such as bone and teeth.

A laser’s ability to carry and deposit energy on the target exclusively depends on its wavelength. Hence, the laser’s wavelength is altered to fit the treatment. Thus a laser’s wavelength used to target soft tissues varies greatly from the wavelength used to target hard tissues.

Gum Diseases Treatments:

Every periodontal disease has humble origins in the form of gingivitis. During gingivitis, your gums swell, and there is occasional bleeding. However, with vigorous oral hygiene, you can reverse the effect of gingivitis. Nonetheless, the situation turns grave as the periodontal disease progresses, and the only way out is through professional intervention.

A dentist uses various treatments according to the severity of the ailment. Scaling is a popular treatment choice, where the dentist clears out the tough tartar and the plaque. Eventually, after the treatment, gums heal and grow to snug teeth. Scaling is a non-invasive option, but sometimes the gum disease calls for a more invasive action. Hence, dentists perform minor surgery to treat the condition. Through surgery, dentists can perform extensive cleaning.

How Do Dentists Use Laser Therapy To Treat Gum Diseases?

Dentists target the laser at the tartar to remove them and disinfect the area. Therefore, a laser can cut through tough tartar with no need for scaling. Moreover, dentists can also target the infected gum tissues to vaporize them instantly, plus opening up spots for further cleaning. In a nutshell, due to laser therapy, dentists don’t resort to dental instruments for periodontal disease treatments.

Why Is Laser Therapy So Awesome?

Laser therapy will make your dental appointment much more bearable due to the following reasons:

Less Pain So No Need For Anesthesia: As discussed earlier, the laser can precisely vaporize gum tissues. The process is so fast that your body doesn’t have enough time to react. The laser does the job before the brain picks up the hint of what’s going on. Therefore, the whole process is relatively painless, so no need for local or general anesthesia.

Precise Targeting: Your dentist can precisely target the area with a laser, and the laser does the task neatly, so there is minimal loss of healthy tissue.

Quick Healing: Laser therapy is less messy and non-invasive, so the gums are relatively better and less traumatic after the treatment. Plus, research shows that the use of the laser also promotes healing of the tissue. Hence, you will recover faster from the treatment.

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