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What To Do About My Loose Tooth Which Is Still Attached Partially?

November 30, 2021

It is normal to have a loose baby tooth, but loose permanent teeth are definitely something to worry about. Baby teeth are bound to go away but permanent ones are not. Therefore, losing a permanent tooth is an indicator of an oral disease that needs prompt attention. Having a loose tooth still attached and dangling is not something that you can ignore.

Keep reading this blog if you are in any such situation where your tooth is loose but still has a part of the gum attached or is randomly moving. We have enlisted the top reasons for partially attached loose tooth and treatment methods for this issue.

What Are The Main Reasons For An Attached Loose Tooth?

In adults, a tooth doesn’t loosen itself without reason. It may be due to grinding making the attached tooth loose or gum disease; there are multiple causes. Let’s have a look at some below.

    • Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is scientifically known as bruxism. It is a condition in which a person, when unconscious, grinds teeth. This continuous clenching or grinding of teeth puts unwarranted pressure making them loose yet attached to the jaw.


Currently, there is no absolute cure available for bruxism, but a mouthguard works well to protect the teeth. The material is durable enough to bear the pressure, all the while protecting the teeth underneath it.

    • Injury

It is very common to have a loose tooth after an impact; it may stay attached or fall right off.


If the tooth has lost three-fourths of its roots, the dentist may decide to extract it or provide some other method for relief. Do not worry; if your dentist decides to get rid of the tooth, there is always an option to get dental implants to fix your smile.

    • Gum Disease

Having an adequate oral health regimen is very important. In case of recklessness, plaque or tartar will start building up. You may feel the tooth wobbling during brush or flossing, when trying to remove tartar from teeth without a dentist’s help, or may even feel it with your tongue while doing nothing.

Plaque buildup progresses into gingivitis which worsens to form periodontal disease. This condition affects the gum tissue making the tooth loosen its grip while being partially attached. Gum diseases like gingivitis are common amongst people who do not follow a good brush protocol.


Plaque or tartar is difficult to remove without the help of a dentist; deep dental cleaning every 6 months is recommended to keep oral health in check. If the issue progresses into gingivitis or periodontal disease, your dentist will offer treatments like scaling or root planing, bone grafts, or flap surgery.

    • Receding Gums

When the gums recede from the line, it makes tooth loose and exposes its roots. As time passes with no care and attempts to get rid of this issue, the tooth’s roots become loose and hang while being partially attached.


For receding gums, a soft tissue graft is one of the treatment methods applied. In this procedure, the dentist fills places from where the gum has receded. Usually, tissue from the roof of the mouth is taken and placed.


If your tooth is loose due to being partially attached, book an appointment at your dentists immediately. It better not to let the issue hanging. If you live near Maple Grove or St. Anthony and looking for good options, head to Almond Dental for your treatment. Call now at 763-762-7177.


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