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What do the Red Spots on the Roof of My Mouth Indicate?

August 15, 2022

It might concern you to see red spots on the roof of your mouth, but they are usually harmless and disappear without treatment. However, they can signify serious health problems as well. So before you start panicking, we will tell you why these red bumps appear and when they need immediate medical attention.

Red Spots on the Roof of Mouth Potential Causes

Some potential causes of the red marks on your mouth’s roof include:

1. Physical Injury

Sometimes the food or drink looks too delicious to wait for it to cool down, and it ends up burning our mouth. Not only this, but those yummy snacks or sharp-edged food can also cause visible scratches on our mouths. Thus, hot or sharp food can cause red spots on the roof of our mouths. Other causes of physical injury might be:

  • Broken or chipped food with sharp edges.
  • Broken bridges or dental crowns
  • Dental fillings that are uneven
  • Reaction to a certain ingredient in mouthwash or toothpaste

2. Canker Sores

Canker sores might be the red bumps in your mouth. They are open mouth ulcers that look like redness with a yellow or white center, appearing on the soft surfaces of mouth, like the roof. Canker sores last for around two weeks, but they can hurt quite a lot. Acidic and spicy food can aggravate the sharp pain from canker sores. Therefore, it is better to steer clear of food triggers and ask your dentist for medicines to alleviate pain.

3. Strep Throat

Strep throat might be the source of the red spots on the roof of your mouth. Along with these red patches, you will experience fever, swollen lymph nodes, painful swallowing, and more. Rest, fluids, and a course of antibiotics might help treat the condition. Visit your healthcare provider for prescriptions.

4. Oral Herpes

Herpes simplex virus can cause oral herpes, which is also a culprit for the red patches on your mouth’s roof. Oral herpes can look like open or cold sores inside and around your mouth. These sores are white or red in color and are also called fever blisters.
Cold sores might disappear in around 2 weeks by themselves. Nonetheless, they can transmit to other people in that short time. Hence, sharing items and physical contact is a big no-no while you have this condition.

5. Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

HMFD is another infection that causes red spots on the roof of your mouth. It is more common in children under 5 years, but adults and older children are vulnerable to this viral infection too. It might begin as red bumps in your mouth that blister and hurt. Additionally, the red rashes can also appear on hands, feet, and other body parts. However, HMF shows no symptoms in some people.
It has no treatment as of yet. Dentists usually recommend OTC medications, mouthwashes, and oral sprays to help alleviate the symptoms of this infection.


Red spots on roof of your mouth range from something harmless, like a canker sore, or they might be a symptom of HMF. Depending on the cause, your oral surgeon will suggest a suitable treatment. Almond Dental experts can help; reach out to us at (612) 782-7000 (St. Anthony) or (763) 762-7177 (Maple Grove).


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