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What Are Power Chain Braces? | Brief Explanation

June 15, 2022

Unaligned teeth are a common problem for people. The majority of dental visits in the world are for teeth alignment. If you have unaligned teeth, chances are you know about getting braces. Getting braces is the most common way of aligning your teeth. A particular kind of braces, known as “power chains on braces,” is a great way to reduce your hassle regarding braces. The procedure of getting braces comes into the category of cosmetic dentistry as they improve the overall look of your smile.

In this procedure, your dentist will take an x-ray of your teeth’ alignment. Next, he will calculate the proper pressure, time, and position for your teeth to bring them in correct alignment. Once the plan is complete, the procedure begins. The dentist will attach brackets on all the teeth that are to move to ensure a perfect smile. Next, the dentist braids a wire into these brackets, pulling on your teeth. Additionally, they will add a power chain to these brackets to increase the pull or push pressure to speed up the process.

What are Power Chains?

In normal braces, an elastic band called ligatures is used on every bracket to hold the wire in its place. But in power chain braces, they will use a chain of ligatures across all brackets. In return, the procedure adds elastic pressure of the ligatures to the pull or push of the braces. This is not a treatment you can choose on your own accord, but only your dentist can recommend it upon proper examination.

When are these Chains Needed?

These are very versatile solutions. The following situations may require applying power chains:

  • Closing access space between teeth
  • Correcting the dental midline
  • Promoting even space between every teeth
  • Straightening rotated teeth
  • Aligning crooked teeth

Your dentist can break a power chain into parts to treat different areas of your teeth. Additionally, he can apply individual ligatures, small chains, or no chains in your teeth, depending on the state and alignment of your teeth. He will apply or remove these braces’ power chains during every wire adjustment appointment. The extra pressure makes it common to feel pain after every wire adjustment. You can manage the pain with OTC medication. However, experts don’t recommend it because some medications can interfere with the alignment process.

Types Of Power Chains

Close Power Chain
The rings of this type of power chain have no space between them. They don’t skip any brackets and attach continuously. These chains are also called continuous chains.

Short Power Chain
These chains have a short distance between each ring, and they connect at every other bracket.

Long Power Chain
These chains have a bit longer distance between each ring, and they connect at every third bracket.


Getting power chains on braces is not your choice. They are helpful but let your dentist decide whether you need additional pressure or not. So, leave the decision to professionals because they know more about bringing teeth into proper alignment. If you are looking for expert cosmetic dentistry, please contact Almond dental at our St. Anthony location at 612-782-7000 or our Maple Grove location at (763) 762-7177.


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