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Got Your Braces Removed? It’s Time to Enjoy Bottom Retainers

December 15, 2019

Having your braces removed after wearing them for several years can be a happy moment for
many. But is this happiness temporary? Even after the dentist removes your braces, you would need to wear retainers for a while. These help to retain the position of the teeth so that they may
not get back to their original position.

Every person who has once had braces knows how terrible it is to wear them all the time. With constant bathroom trips to take them off, retainers add quite a disturbance in everyday life of
every person who has to wear them. However, without them, braces alone cannot provide the best correction to the teeth. While a person can remove the top retainers, the dentists cement the
bottom ones.

Need for Bottom Retainers

The dentists highly advise wearing retainers post braces as these keep the teeth from moving away. Without them, the entire treatment is useless. Having a permanent retainer is a great idea
because if the lower mouth is at its shape, so will the upper mouth.

Pros and Cons

Bonded bottom retainers are way better than removable upper ones because they do not fall off. Permanent retainers provide more comfort too. They are often placed tactfully so they are not
visible while eating, smiling, or talking. However, when eating some food particles may get stuck in them. Furthermore, they are not so easy to clean, and floss may be helpful.

Bottom Retainers at Almond Dental

Only a professional dentist should apply and remove the bottom support. If non-professional tries, he/she can cause damage to them. Therefore, if it is time for removing your braces
permanently, contact Almond Dental so you may enjoy perfectly aligned teeth.

For more information call on 612-782-7000 or 763-762-7177 and get your perfect smile back.


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