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Treating Gum Abscess At Home

July 30, 2021

Having a dental abscess is a painful experience, and definitely, you’ll want instant relief. Only a dentist can provide proper treatment for an abscessed tooth. But while you wait for professional help, here are some home treatment tips that can help you find relief from the pain caused by gum abscess.

Ignoring a dental abscess is a bad idea. Early treatment can save you from soreness and discomfort and prevent further complications.
Here are some common home remedies to help you find temporary relief from gum abscesses. Try them till you wait for an appointment with your dentist.

Saltwater rinse

The anti-inflammatory properties of saltwater make it a good fit for wound healing. Take a glass of salt water and rinse your mouth to get rid of the gum abscess pain. You can repeat this around 4-5 times a day. A supersaturated saltwater solution can work more efficiently.
To form a solution, take a glass of warm salty water and start adding pink salt until it doesn’t dissolve anymore. Now you can use this saturated solution to rinse your mouth.

Baking soda to relieve gum abscess

Similar to saltwater rinse, water mixed with baking soda can also ease gum pain. You can also combine baking soda rinse with other home treatments for a more effective remedy. For instance, add baking soda with salt to a glass of warm water. Rinse your mouth multiple times throughout the day.

Oil pulling as gum abscess home treatment

Oil pulling is an effective way to reduce plaque and swelling under bleeding gums. The same method can help eliminate pain from dental abscesses. To do the trick, rinse your mouth for 1-2 minutes with a teaspoon of cold-pressed coconut oil.

Wet tea bags can also reduce abscess pain.

If you have a toothache or gum pain due to an abscess, wet tea bags can be a pain-relieving way. Peppermint or black tea bags can work for you. One simple way is to make a tea bag wet and then bite it close to the painful area. Another way is to use a damp and cold tea bag(by putting it in the freezer for some time.)

Over-the-counter pain relievers

In many situations when you’re in pain, a common thing that pops in mind is the use of pain relievers. You can do the same to find relief from gum abscess pain. OTC pain medication like ibuprofen can be effective in this situation.
But before you start with pain medication, it’s advised to consult a dentist or doctor. If, for any reason, ibuprofen isn’t a good fit for you, Tylenol or aspirin are also good pain relievers.

When to see your dentist

These home treatment tips can help with pain due to a gum or tooth abscess. But note that these all methods can be only effective for a short time, and you’ll have to visit your dentist for a permanent treatment for gum abscess.
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