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Stripping Away the Confusion: Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or After Applying Whitening Strips?

May 30, 2023

We have all been there, trying to tackle the rules of at-home whitening strips. You might have bought the boxed version from the nearest drugstore, thinking you can enhance your smile in no time. However, figuring out the dos and don’ts of teeth whitening strips can sometimes be incredibly difficult. For instance, do you brush your teeth before or after whitening strips?

Most people argue that brushing your teeth before is better as it helps the strips adhere better. Although some claim that brushing afterward tends to bring out the natural pearly white shine. But what is the official method, and are at-home teeth whitening strips even worth it? In this blog, you will find all the answers to your burning questions, so make sure to keep on reading.

Do You Brush Your Teeth Before Or After Whitening Strips?

In order to get the best teeth-whitening results, brush your teeth in advance. However, make sure that you brush at least 30 minutes before the application. Do not use the whitening strips immediately after, as it could cause oral hypersensitivity.

The reason why it is better to brush beforehand is because it cleans away all traces of bacteria lingering in your mouth. The thin, glossy film on your teeth, known as the plaque, gets brushed away, leaving behind a smooth surface. It also allows the whitening agent on the strips to stick closer to the teeth, producing effective results.

On the other hand, if you brush after the treatment, it could severely weaken the teeth. Considering how your teeth are extremely sensitive after the whitening procedure, brushing would only further aggravate them.

How Long After Brushing Teeth Can You Use Whitening Strips?

Once you brush your teeth, waiting at least half an hour before using the strips is necessary. This will prevent the harsh chemicals in the whitening strip from damaging your teeth and gums. Otherwise, it could wear down the enamel at a much faster pace.

Are Teeth Whitening Strips Better Than Professional Teeth Whitening?

No matter how convenient they may be, whitening strips are not quite as effective as a professional teeth whitening treatment. This is because when you are getting your teeth whitened by a professional dentist, they know how to go about the procedure.

It’s not only the whitening part they focus on but also the safety factor. A dentist will make sure your gums are protected with a special gel so the bleaching agents don’t affect the gums. Similarly, for the main treatment, they will use a solution that will whiten your teeth at the safest level.

Not to mention, professional teeth whitening can lift multiple shades of your teeth. Whereas whitening strips only lift up to 2 shades at most.

Bottom Line

To put it shortly, you should brush your teeth before applying teeth whitening strips as it helps to prepare the surface of the teeth. After removing the strips, avoid using any kind of force or aggression, as it would only weaken the teeth further. Not to mention, whitening strips can sometimes be a hit or miss, which is why an in-office treatment works best. For a professional and safe teeth whitening procedure, feel free to schedule an appointment with Almond Dental at the location nearest to you.

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