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What are the Signs of Dental Implant Infection?

January 30, 2020

Anybody who wishes to have an implant always gathers information about dental implant infection as there are chances that surgery may lead to developing problems if something goes wrong during the procedure.

The most common infection that occurs is peri-implantitis. This is a gum disease that can cause bone loss and may lead to implant failure.

Signs of implant infection

When an infection occurs, it shows various signs and symptoms. Noticing these signs can help detect it at an early stage.

  • Nonstop bleeding from the implant even after 24 hours
  • Fever after implant that becomes worse with each passing day
  • Severe pain that does not settle even with medicines
  • Swelling in bone

A person must contact the dentist in case of the above symptoms. It is necessary to deal with the infection at the earliest so that the condition can be controlled.

Dental Implant Infection Treatment

The following treatment can become useful depending on the stage of the infection:

  • If the infection starts right after the surgery, contact your dentist so he/she may prescribe you antibiotics or, in the best case, remove the implant.
  • If the infection occurs at a later stage after placing the crown, the dentist will clean the area around the implant and prescribe medicines. The dentist may also perform surgery to replace the implant.

A person should not ignore even the slightest sign of infection as an untreated infection can lead to severe problems. It can make the jaw bone weak and may make routine life difficult. Furthermore, if bacteria build-up is not taken care of, it may make you lose the other teeth as well. A good practice is to contact dentists at Almond Dental to get your infection treated. You can also call on 612-782-7000 or 763-762-7177 to find out the cause of your infection.


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