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Are you worried about your See-through teeth?

November 15, 2019

Who doesn’t want to have shiny bright teeth? But there might be some reasons due to which we might develop darker or even see-through teeth. These translucent teeth can be a result of poor enamel development, which may cause loss of necessary minerals from the enamel as a result. Additionally, when acid from teeth enamel erodes, it makes your teeth look clear, revealing the inner layer. Whether teeth become see-through because of enamel erosion or poor enamel development, one should contact a professional dentist to know its cause and treatment.

Prevention of see-through teeth

People might become worried about their teeth becoming clear. However, it is possible to prevent the erosion of tooth enamel and save teeth from becoming translucent. The use of food that contains soda in them like fruits with citric acid should be avoided. These wear off the enamel and expose the dentin, the inner layer, resulting in see-through teeth. Erosion of enamel occurring from the use of acidic food can be controlled; however, there is still no cure for genetic conditions that make your teeth transparent.

 Oral hygiene as a solution

Taking care of your teeth regularly and maintaining good oral health can help prevent some of the reasons that may cause teeth to become translucent. The genetic disorders may not disappear; however, the acid that may be removing enamel can be fought. Using a mouth wash after brushing your teeth could remove the hidden particles and may reduce the effect of damage caused by acidic food.

What Almond Dental offers?

Contacting the dentist at your earliest could be one of the best solutions when you start developing see-through teeth. The dentists at Almond Dental will evaluate your condition and will suggest appropriate treatment at a minimum cost. Some of the options that you can use are Snap-on Smile, Veneers, and Lumineers. These will help you get your teeth in the original form. You may even choose a shade of teeth that you always wanted to have. For more information, please call or visit our office.


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