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Reasons For White Spots Growing on Gums

May 30, 2022

What will you do if you don’t know something is wrong? Going to a dentist or oral care specialist would be the right thing to do. A common case where people ignore going to a specialist is having white spots on their gums. These spots are alarming because they can form due to miscellaneous reasons. Reasons could vary from simple mouth foam to early oral cancer. A normal person can not identify the subtle differences in his mouth that our dental specialist can identify.

Your mouth is a vital body part responsible for your overall health. Yet it is also the most vulnerable part of your body as it is the main access point for any external hazard. Your mouth is an entry point for your food and a breeding ground for bacteria. Mostly the bacteria in your mouth are harmless, but sometimes a harmful species may enter your mouth through food. Caring for your oral health will make sure that these bacteria don’t become a threat to your wellbeing.

What Causes White Dots on Gums

Oral Thrush
Oral thrush happens when certain drugs disturb the balance of natural bio-organisms in your mouth. The use of antibiotics is known for causing such a reaction. Due to the imbalance of bacteria, the candida fungus grows much faster than usual. The fungus spreads the white spots on your gums and in your mouth, like the cheeks, tongue, and throat. You can eliminate this issue with antifungal medication and proper oral care.

Canker Sores
Canker sores will appear as small yellow spots with red borders in your mouth. They can appear on your inner cheeks, tongue, gums, and lips. They are not serious, but they will be painful if you have too many of them. Stress, mouth injuries, and acidic imbalance in your stomach can cause canker sores. They usually heal within a week or 2 weeks. Make sure not to eat spicy or acidic while healing from canker sores because they will hurt.

Leukoplakia appears as white patches on gums and around the mouth that hardens over time. These patches can be precancerous. Therefore, a biopsy is taken to evaluate whether they should be medically treated or surgically removed. Tobacco, alcohol, and other smoking products increase the risk of leukoplakia.

Oral Lichen Planus
During this condition, lacey white spots appear on gums, which later get inflamed to open sores. These sores are painful while eating and talking, so use your mouth as little as possible. Oral injuries, allergies, and even certain medications can cause oral lichen planus. Doctors will recommend inflammation-reducing medicine during this condition.


These white patches on gums can be something that will go away in a week, or it could be an indication of something much worse to come. Therefore, ensure you get regular oral checkups and care for your oral health. If you are looking for oral care specialists, please contact Almond dental at our St. Anthony location at 612-782-7000 or our Maple Grove location at (763) 762-7177.


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