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Reasons for Gums Bleeding While Flossing

May 15, 2022

Your gums are the soft tissue around your teeth that cover the roots connecting to the jawbone. They keep the roots of your teeth safe from bacteria and infection. You can say they are the main line of defense for your teeth roots. Your gums are reddish pink, basically the same color as muscle tissue. Healthy gums never bleed even when you brush or floss. If you have noticed bleeding during flossing, it may be a sign of injury or infection. If you notice your gums bleeding when flossing, a periodontal checkup may be in order.

A professional will be able to give you better advice. Don’t panic and contact your dentist. Flossing is a necessary part of your dental care routine, and you need to do it daily. But if you have noticed blood during flossing, you may need to take a break at least until you find out what is wrong with your gums. Here are a few reasons for bleeding gums by flossing.

Reasons Why My Gums Bleed After Flossing:

Over Flossing
Over flossing or flossing the wrong way is the most common reason for bleeding gums. No other reason is more common than this. People make a common mistake when flossing: they irritate the gums while flossing between teeth. People also make the mistake of sliding the floss string on the gums, and that will surely cause the gums to bleed.

If your gums bleed when you floss, try to floss on alternate days to see if there are any changes. Also, ensure that you keep the floss string above the gums. Even if you reach your gums, don’t pull on the string so hard that it would scratch your gums.

Periodontal Disease
This is the second most common reason for bleeding gums while flossing. If you have periodontal disease, bleeding is not a sure symptom. Because sometimes, while having periodontal disease, a person’s gums may bleed, or sometimes it may not. But flossing while having this disease will surely cause your gums to bleed.

This is a cause for concern, and a dental checkup is due as soon as possible. These diseases progress in a very subtle manner, and if people ignore them, they end up becoming irreversible. Ensure regular checkups because your dentist can spot problems you can not identify.

Change In Hormones
This is a common occurrence among women. As women deal with occasional hormonal changes, these changes could end up causing their gums to bleed. Flossing will have an impact on them and will make bleeding more likely. Gums bleeding while flossing is common during hormonal changes, but you need to consult a professional. There may be something more concerning beneath what you see and understand.


Flossing is essential for dental care, and you should do it daily. Be careful because there always could be too much of a good thing, so don’t overdo it. If you are concerned that you may have any periodontal disease or a condition you are not sure about, please contact Almond dental at our St. Anthony location at 612-782-7000 or our Maple Grove location at (763) 762-7177.


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