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St. Anthony, MN 55421

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Maple Grove, MN 55369

Pain-Free Dentistry- An Amazing Solution

December 30, 2019

If there’s anything a dental patient worries about, it is a pain that comes along with the treatment. Though patients know that having a root canal treatment is vital for good oral health, the fear of pain during and after the treatment may stop a person from doing so. But with improved dental procedures and pain-free dentistry, the patients no longer need to worry about dental pain.

Use of pain-free injections

No matter how brave you may be, an injection may be something that you may be afraid of. During dental treatment, it becomes even scarier as it is inserted in the mouth. But with the latest
solutions of using a gel and spray to numb the area, the injection becomes painless. Many studies reveal that it is not the needle but the speed of injection that causes the pain. When the area becomes numb, the patient does not feel the pressure or pain. This experience of pain-free dentistry relieves the patient from dental anxiety.

A virtual and soothing experience – Pain-free Dentistry

To make the treatment less painful, the dentists use virtual movies, games, and videos to distract patients from the procedure. This distraction helps the patient to forget about the treatment and its related pain. Along with providing virtual experience, some dentists also relax the patients using different aromas which calm the patients. This aromatherapy takes their attention away from the dental procedure.

Laughing Gas

Among the latest methods used for relaxing patients use of laughing gas has gained popularity. A patient inhales the gas until the treatment continues through a mask. The benefit of this
procedure is that as soon as the mask is removed, a person comes back to the normal state and is completely conscious even to drive home safely.

Almond Dental cares for its patients and makes sure that pain-free dentistry is used for all the
treatments so that even those who get afraid of the procedure may be able to have the treatment.


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