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Pain during Root Canal – A Myth

September 30, 2022

A root canal is a perfectly safe procedure, yet people fear it. It is not uncommon to feel nervous about your upcoming appointment. You must be thinking about whether root canals hurt or not, is the procedure painful, or whether aftercare will be difficult. Do not worry; we are here with answers.

Do Root Canals Hurt – How Painful Is The Procedure?

Here’s the good news, no. Root canals do not hurt, and neither is the entire process painful. The dentists make sure you do not suffer from discomfort while they drill into your mouth with the help of an anesthetic.

Anesthetics or anesthesia temporarily numbs the entire area, so the patient does not feel any zaps of pain.

However, experiencing mild pain and discomfort after a few days of the procedure is inevitable. This effect comes into action after the anesthesia numbness comes off.

This pain is not that extreme, and you can easily manage it with pain medications, either prescription or OTC.

What To Expect During a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy effectively removes bacterial traces from your teeth’ roots. The whole treatment is divided step-wise. It starts with the initial examination or assessment of the oral cavity to understand the extent of tooth decay.

On the surgery day, your dentist will inject local anesthesia into the tooth or site of action to numb it. This is why there is no pain involved in root canal treatment.

After successful sedation, they open up the infected tooth to take out infected tissues first. Next, cleaning and disinfection of the site are done, and place a filler in its place.

Finally, your tooth may or may not receive a crown, depending on the treatment severity.

How Long Do Root Canals Usually Take?

Usually, root canals take about half an hour to 60 minutes to complete. However, if there are complications involved in the procedure, it can take up to 90 minutes or more. Your procedure may be divided into two separate settings for ease.

When Does One Need A Root Canal?

A root canal is needed if your tooth is suffering from pain due to the following:

  1. Chipped tooth
  2. Cracked tooth
  3. Deep dental decay
  4. Untreated cavity
  5. Previous filling issue

Below are the symptoms that indicate the need for this procedure:

  1. Temperature sensitivity to both hot and cold items
  2. Severe pain when you bite down
  3. Bump on gums
  4. Change in gum color
  5. Tender/swollen gum tissues
  6. Tooth abscess

Root Canal Cost

When talking about the cost, it all comes down to the severity and complexity of the patient. The type of tooth, its placement, or whether they are challenging to treat is what contributes to the amount.

Although, we can say for sure that getting a root canal would not hurt your pocket along with the mouth.

In comparison, extraction charges are way more and need additional procedures to look the way they should.

Final Words

If you think that your tooth has an infection, do not sit around and immediately schedule an appointment with your dentist. Leaving the issue as it is can lead to grave dangers. Do you have more questions? Connect with professionals from Almond Dental at (612) 782-7000.


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