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Another 3D treatment technology that we implore at Almond Dental is the Simplant system. This interactive system determines the position of each implant with 100% accuracy. For the patient, this means that the implant will be placed precisely where it needs to go, eliminating discomfort. SIMPLANT offers a predictable implant placement with perfect fitting. The new SIMPLANT technology reduces post-surgery pain and swelling.

It is a perfect option for all those looking to get an ideal esthetic result. The technology reduces the stress level of the patients and the dentist as the results are accurate. It also eases and reduces the surgical time and complication associated with the surgery.

Our experts choose SIMPLANT Guide according to the surgical procedure preference and place it on a person’s jawbone or teeth. A proper diagnosis is carried out by our team before starting the implantation process. Based on the diagnosis, the dentists determine the type of implant that will suit the patient. Furthermore, a SIMPLANT Guide is used by the dentists during the surgery. The kind of SIMPLANT guide used for surgery impacts the entire process.

SIMPLANT Guide types:

Toot supported SIMPLANT Guide: are used in cases where

  • A single tooth implant is required or in partially edentulous case
  • A stone model is required
  • Virtual extraction is needed

Mucosa-supported SIMPLANT Guide: These are placed on the soft tissues and used in complete edentulous case or where scan prosthesis is required.

Bone-supported SIMPLANT Guide: These are placed on the jawbone and suitable for bone partially or fully edentulous. These are useful when accurate visibility is required. This support is helpful when there is enough space on the bone surface of about 3cm for effective positioning.

Our team prepares scans before placement of an implant. In partially edentulous cases they develop a stone model and a wax-up. The stone model acts as a reference for the actual SIMPLANT Guide, which facilitates in planning an implant. In fully edentulous cases scan prosthesis is fabricated for a dual scan. Scan prosthesis acts as a basis of preparing a SIMPLANT guide. Whether the SIMPLANT guide will fit or not depends on the quality of prosthesis used during the scan.

The process of a SIMPLANT would then require a cone-beam 3D scan or CT images. These 3D scans have a detailed representation of the patient’s anatomy. The CT images would be used to make a 3D SIMPLANT file.

Our team, after gathering all the details necessary to perform surgery they perform the surgery. The SIMPLANT Guide is made free of all the infections by our experts. After the appropriate drilling process, they place a suitable SIMPLANT Guide. Finally, the team then places the implant choosing the correct holder.

Our team orients the patients in detail of post-operative measures required to keep implant safe and disinfected.

In case you have queries or for any information, call our office.

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