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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Are you nervous about dental procedures? Does the thought of visiting a dentist for a dental procedure make you uncomfortable? We at Almond Dental strive to make all our patients as comfortable as possible. We understand that coming to the dentist is scary for some patients. Therefore, we are here to help make your dental procedures more comfortable and more relaxing. For all those who feel reluctant to visit the dentist because the process might be painful, sedation works best for those. Sedation removes the anxiety of the patient to a certain extent and does not let the patient remember what exactly is happening during the procedure.

Dental Sedation are given in various levels ranging from minimal sedation where the patient is conscious but free from anxiety to general anesthesia, which puts a patient in an unconscious mode. Sedation, where patients are partly conscious, are either moderate or deep sedation.

Dentistry sedation can be given in various forms:

  • Inhaled sedation is given to the patient through a mask placed on the patient’s nose.
  • Oral sedation where pills are given to the patient in various doses ranging from minimal to moderate sedation
  • IV Sedation which allows the medicine to be injected through a vein. It has a much quicker response as compared to the earlier two.
  • General Anesthesia puts a patient in deep slumber.

Local sedation is also given to the patient to numb the area where the procedure is to be performed.

A person giving sedation is well trained. While performing the procedure, our team of experts monitors the patient to avoid any risks associated with it.

Often people have a lot of questions related to sedation, and here are some of the most common ones:

  • Will I be sleeping during the procedure?
    – No, this option makes it so that you are so relaxed that you’re unaware of what’s going on, and you will have little to no memory of the procedure.
  • Do I get an IV for this procedure?
    – We do something called oral sedation. The doctor will place a pill under your tongue at the start of your appointment and will monitor your vitals. You will need a driver to bring you to your dentist and take you home.
  • How do I know if sedation is safe for me?
    – We would have you come in for a free consultation to go over your full medical history and talk with your physician if needed. We would be monitoring you during your entire appointment.

Our staff has been fully trained in oral sedation. We will answer any questions that you may have at your first appointment with us.

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