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Osstell at Almond dental


With the latest technologies and equipment, dentists are now able to place an implant quickly and successfully. However, there are instances when an implant might be unsuccessful. The agony of improper loading of an implant might make a patient go through a difficult time. Also, the failure would affect the gums adversely. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to predict if an implant is loaded correctly. Osstell helps predict dental implants’ success. This instrument is specifically designed to analyze the stability of a dental implant. ISQ (Implant Stability Quotient) Scale ranging from 1 to 100 measures the implant’s stability. To have high stability, ISQ should be > 70. 60-69 would mean medium stability, and <60 is low stability. Low implant stability suggests that the implant is at risk or is a failure. The ISQ values also help dentists determine the optimal time to load each implant.

Osstell helps our team, at Almond Dental, measure the implant stability reliably and non-invasively to monitor osseointegration. Our experts measure implant’s stability with the help of an Osstell first at its placement and later before its final restoration. Using an Osstell at the initial stage ensures that the implant is stable. Our dentists compare the value of ISQ before final restoration with the baseline value to determine stability. If the initial value on ISQ scale is low, our experts give more time to the implant before prosthetic rehabilitation. If the value of ISQ drops significantly it is a sign of implant failure. If osseointegration is not progressing well, Osstell will assist our dentists in detecting it at an early stage before it becomes troublesome. Osstell also helps our dentists manage risk patients. The stability is measured using a SmartPeg that is attached to the implant. It shows the value of ISQ efficiently and reliably.

Almond Dental uses a separate SmartPeg for each patient as the SmartPegs are single patient use item. Reusing the SmartPeg would not give accurate ISQ values as the threads of a SmartPeg are weak and would not be practical after using it once. Magnetic at the top of the SmartPeg gets in contact with the probe and vibrates to determine the stability. The vibration of the SmartPeg does not affect the implant. The stability is measured in different directions at the same time and therefore at times, SmartPeg might give two different values; most stable and least stable. An implant is placed where stability is at its maximum.

Our team also loads the plant immediately depending on the ISQ value. If primary stability gives a high ISQ value, the expert will load an implant immediately. However, the discretion of the immediate placement of an implant lies with the dentist. In case of any query about Osstell contact our office. For more information, please, log on to our website.

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