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Mini Implants

Mini implants

Dental implants are available in a number of sizes and vary in diameter. Almond Dental also offers mini dental implants that are about half the size in diameter of a regular dental implant. They provide many benefits, and they can also be used in situations where regular implants cannot be used. If an implant needs to be placed in a narrow space, mini implants are the preferred method because of their smaller size. The primary use for mini implants is to install a full upper or lower denture.

We place a series of mini implants (4-6) along the gum line, and they serve as the base of the denture. Rather than placing a single implant for a single tooth, an entire lower or upper set of teeth will be attached directly to the gum line.

Since the size of mini implants is small, no incision will be made to place the implant. They will usually be inserted right through the gum into the bone. This will eliminate the need for a recovery period, and the restoration will usually be placed right away or only a short time after. The procedure is so simple that it will not even need bone grafting and can be set using local anesthesia.

We offer options of mini implants to patients who do not have enough bone mass in their jaws for a regular implant or for patients not having several months to go through a regular implant. A mini implant would require only a single visit to our office. However, the patient needs to take care of mini implants the same way as of their natural teeth. We often advise our patients to use extra soft bristles while brushing and cleaning the implants due to sensitive gums. Our team will discuss in detail the care needed to protect the mini implant. To increase a mini implant’s lifespan smoking or other substance abuse are to be avoided. Since mini dental implants require a single day for the entire procedure, you would get the benefit of using the teeth on the same day of the process. Mini implants would not hamper your regular life. All the routine work, like eating, talking, and smiling, can be done without being afraid of disturbing the implants.

Our team will be able to help you identify what suits best for you. Despite that most patients prefer to have the implant completed the same day it is up to the discretion of the dental expert to advise the feasibility. Generally, mini implants are preferred by the dentists when the patient have smaller teeth, the front teeth are to be replaced, or teeth are located at a place where the normal implant would not be possible. Mini dental implants are also less expensive than regular implants, which makes it affordable for a lot of people.

The choice is still dependent on the dentist, and only your dentist knows if mini implants are right for you, so call our office for your consultation today.

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