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Link between Covid and Mouth Sores

November 30, 2022

With many symptoms of covid 19, mouth sores have also emerged along with ones like ulcers and oral thrush. Dynamic research is being done to see what effects the virus is having on the oral cavity. Sometimes, the sores or ulceration may mimic a cancerous growth which may make the dentists turn their heads toward biopsy.

However, that is a rare possibility. In this blog, we are directing our concern to some more probable causes and their link to covid.

Oral Thrush and Xerostomia

One of the many concerning issues with covid was dry mouth. This was taken into account as one of the early symptoms. Moreover, considered as one of the causes of an increased risk for oral thrush due to the virus.

Candida albicans are naturally found in the mouth flora. It is a yeast that is present inside the mouth. Normally, the mechanism is balanced; however, issues arise when the level starts building up more than normal in the oral cavity.

This has the potential to lead to the condition of oral thrush with lesions in the mouth. Usually, the issue comes with a burning sensation in the mouth.

But what made the mouth so dry? Well, the continuous battle of the immune system with the virus resulted in physiological changes – dry mouth. Both loss of moisture in the oral cavity and a compromised immune system contribute to oral thrush.

Mouth sores and Covid – the link

According to studies, individuals commonly develop canker sores, infamously known as aphthous ulcers, in the mouth area as well as on the tongue and lips very commonly. Moreover, it said that the elderly that are inflicted with severe infections are more likely to develop severe mouth sores.

However, how does that conclude the link between the two? So, the pinpoint reason for these symptoms varies with each case, and the cause of the ulcer differs.

But, it is concluded that COVID-19 hits your natural immunity to the extent that your body starts picking up other infections as well. Therefore, it is a blur whether coronavirus is directly imposing the ulcers or other infections may coincide.

Another study suggests that older patients with covid having severe symptoms are at an increased risk of mouth sores.

Loss of Taste

Losing the ability to taste and smell are common symptom of COVID-19, and most of them also reported mouth sores along with these signs.

These mouth sores are somewhat not that severe for young individuals; however, they are more powerful for older COVID-19 patients or some who suffer from immunodeficiency.

To Sum It Up

It is yet inconclusive as to how the risk of mouth sores lingers on with covid patients. However, the good news is that usually, no external help is needed, and any oral lesion can clear within some days.

But people suffering from dry mouth or oral thrush must get in touch with a dental professional to ensure the correct treatment is done. Why don’t you visit Almond Dental for a quick exam? Dial to connect with our St. Anthony location at (612) 782-7000 or Maple Grove at (763) 762-7177.


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