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How To Whiten Teeth When You Have Braces On – 3 Effective Methods

December 15, 2021

Everyone wants a bright smile with perfect pearly whites front in line. It’s a task to keep up with dental cleaning while having braces. For sure, the thought of “how to whiten teeth with braces?” must have crossed your mind at least once; if we come to think of it, is it even possible?

Food and drinks are considered main triggers for teeth staining. However, braces bracket themselves also pose a threat to shiny white teeth. Regular brushing would not work once your teeth have stains; instead, use a whitening agent. The good news is that you can whiten teeth and get rid of stains without moving them at all.

If you are reluctant to back on the dentist’s chair just yet, and looking for DIY options to whiten teeth, this blog is meant for you.

There are three broad methods to brighten your toothy smile: whitening toothpaste, self-using home kits and remedies, and in-office procedures. These methods are great to make your teeth whiter with braces on.

How Do Braces Stain Your Teeth?

The wires and brackets of braces do not put a dent in your smile. Instead, it is supposed to do the opposite. However, dealing with braces is a tricky task, and appropriate handling is a must.

Dietary care is essential for dental as well as overall health. What you eat greatly impacts your teeth. Food with pigments and certain beverages like tea or coffee leave their mark behind.

Brushing and flossing greatly reduce the chances of plaque buildup. But it gets extremely difficult to clean the bracket areas, leading to staining. This is the reason why sticky sugar-containing foods are not good for consumption; they stick to the wire and gradually eat away enamel.

Home Remedies to Whiten Teeth with Braces

Few safe DIY home remedies that are used to whiten teeth with braces on include:

  • Oil pulling method
  • Use of baking soda
  • Bleaching agent – hydrogen peroxide

Other Methods to Whiten Teeth with Braces on

These methods are fast enough to whiten teeth while having braces, but do not expect them to work in a single sitting. They show progress slowly and gradually, mostly after two applications.

1. Whitening Trays

These are the home-based kits your dentist will provide for you.

  • Schedule an appointment with your dentist and get a custom-designed tray according to your teeth’ shape and size.
  • The tray will be with 10% solution carbamide peroxide.
  • Easily slide the tray with a bleaching agent over your upper and lower jaw and let it stay.
  • The time duration varies according to different dentists. Some recommend letting it sit for two weeks; some feel that twice a day or overnight would work to whiten teeth effectively, even with braces.
  • It is an affordable option compared to in-office whitening treatment.

2. Paint-on Teeth whitening Gel

It is one of the best ways to whiten teeth with braces since it is easily available without a prescription. Here’s what you can do:

  • Get to a pharmacy and ask for teeth whitening paint.
  • Apply the gels on your teeth and leave them to harden, which takes about 30 minutes.
  • Brush to remove the gel.
  • Take extra care while painting or applying near the brackets. Similarly, ensure proper washing around them as well.

Whitening Toothpaste

Using toothpaste to whiten teeth with braces is the easiest way to get what you need. A simple procedure with least chances of mistakes. Such whitening toothpaste contains bleaching agents like peroxide and baking soda to remove stains. This toothpaste does not interfere with braces and shows no effect on the cement used for setting the brackets.

Tips For Retaining Your White Teeth After Getting Braces

  • Use a good toothbrush for brushing. Mostly, electric toothbrushes are considered better to get rid of plaque from teeth.
  • Do not forget to floss; the food particles are sneaky; they fall in pits and accumulate between teeth, so floss effectively gets them out.
  • Use an interproximal brush because it easily makes its way into tiny spaces like the brackets and under wires to ensure maximum cleaning.
  • Fluoride mouthwash decreases the risk of cavities and cleans away any molecules left behind from brushing or flossing.


When looking for teeth whitening options, especially with braces; talk to your dentist first to know the dos and don’ts. Let your dream of a pearly white smile come to life, reach out to us at Almond Dental for expert advice. Call now at our St. Anthony location 612-782-7000 or Maple Grove 763-762-7177.


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