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How To Get Rid Of A Gummy Smile

December 30, 2023

Every smile is unique, with special characteristics. People with gummy smiles can feel low about their appearance. However, the gummy smile is completely out of your control, and your genetics are responsible for it. As the name suggests, it’s a kind of smile that shows more than the normal amount of gums.

Is Gummy Smile Unhealthy?

If your gums surround most parts of your pearly white, you are said to have a gummy smile. It is never a threat to your oral health but to your desirable perfect smile. However, this should not stop you from flaunting your smile, as it can be fixed. Modern dentistry offers procedures like lip repositioning, crown lengthening, and gum contouring to make your smile as perfect as possible.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?

There are some other uncontrollable factors behind a gummy smile besides genetics. Following are some causes why you possibly own a gummy smile:

  1. Unusual Teeth Eruption: Sometimes, your teeth can fail to properly erupt from your gums. This can result in most of the tooth being concealed under an extra length of gum tissue. This can make your teeth appear smaller in size, like baby teeth.
  2. Hyperactive Upper Lip Muscle: Due to a hyperactive upper lip muscle, your upper lip rises when you smile. This reveals more than the required amount of gum tissue.
  3. Upper Jaw Bone Growth and Development: A gummy smile can also happen due to bulging protrusion in your teenage phase. This is when the development and growth of your jawbone are finally considered complete.

Methods to Correct a Gummy Smile

There are various methods for removing a gummy smile. Your healthcare provider will select the one depending on your case. These methods are:

  1. Orthodontic Treatment
    If your gummy smile exists due to an improper bite or jaw misalignment, some orthodontic
  2. devices can help fix it.
    Veneers or Crowns
    Some individuals’ upper teeth are shorter than normal, which is often a genetic problem. Having crowns or veneers above your small teeth can help them appear fuller and longer.
  3. Crown-Lengthening Surgery
    If your teeth had a problem during the eruption phase, chances are that they failed to erupt properly. A crown lengthening surgery, in this case, can be beneficial. The dental surgeon will cut off the gum tissue to reveal more of your tooth structure.
  4. Lip Surgery
    If you have a hyperactive upper lip, you will reveal more of your gums rather than teeth while smiling. Your lip can be repositioned to expose more of your pearly whites.
  5. Laser Gum Contouring
    Your dental professional can eliminate the excessive gum tissue with laser therapy. You won’t have to face invasive surgical procedures.
  6. Gingivectomy
    Some individuals feel that they have an excessive growth of gum tissue covering their teeth. During gingivectomy, any extra gum tissue is contoured to reveal your teeth.

Bottom Line

Every smile is beautiful. It is the warmest gesture in the world. Seeing a good smile can instantly make your mood better. Therefore, Dr. Prem Kumar at Almond Dental offers cosmetic periodontal surgery and crown lengthening to fix your gummy smile.
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