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How much does teeth whitening cost in Minnesota?

November 15, 2020

We know you have been waiting to achieve that shining smile, letting the new you be out there, but what’s bugging your mind is how much it would cost. There are different routes to chose from and achieve the smile you have been waiting for all this time.

Every option varies in terms of procedure and prices. For your ease, we have listed some options for you here.

  • Visiting a dentist to whiten your teeth: approx. $650
  • Take away home tray from the dentist: approx. $400
  • Home teeth whitening products: approx. $100
  • DIY whitening methods: approx. $10 – $20

Laser Teeth Whitening

  • Laser teeth whitening is a quick, easy, and most popular option amongst average Americans.
  • Typically, the average cost of a laser whitening procedure can cost you close to $1,500.
  • However, many of the dental insurance programs do not cover whitening procedures.
  • Check with your insurance provider if your policy includes laser whitening. If it doesn’t, you can check with the dentist offers a payment plan for your ease.

A Regular Professional Dental Whitening

  • A comparatively easier is visiting your local dentist for a whitening session.
  • Most insurance providers cover a regular whitening session under your dental insurance.
  • A regular whitening session could you somewhere between $200 – $1,000. In some cases, it’s slightly lesser than the advanced laser procedure.
  • In many cases, dentists who have opened a new clinic offer massive discounts to attract new clients. You can take this opportunity to move to a new dentist.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

If you are not comfortable visiting a doctor or your insurance doesn’t cover teeth whitening, and you’re looking at saving your budget, home teeth whitening is just right for you. Some items you buy from a store near you are home whitening packs, whitening strips, and pens that let you whiten your teeth from the comfort of your sofa. These are far more affordable and produce real results.

Do It Yourself – Whitening Methods

If you have sensitive teeth or gums and are looking to avoid chemical-based whitening procedures, home remedies are the best for you. Always consult a dentist or health professional before doing any home remedy. Rinse your mouth with coconut oil and brush your teeth with baking soda to help remove stains and strengthening your enamel. These procedures are undoubtedly the cheapest but require repeated usage to produce results.

If you’re worried about how much teeth whitening cost you, give us a call or book an appointment with one of our dentists and achieve the smile you have always craved.


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