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How long does teeth whitening last and the habits to avoid?

September 30, 2020

The sparkling white teeth of the action heroes on screen have always caught the attention of the viewers. Bright white teeth boost up the personality and develop confidence in the individual. So, many of us opt for teeth whitening treatments. But, how long does teeth whitening last, and what to expect during the procedure?

Professional treatment is much more effective than the one done at home, it stays longer, and the before and after difference are clear. Besides, home whitening chemicals give short term results.

Habits to avoid
Tooth whitening is an entirely safe procedure. It changes the look of an individual’s facial appearance. Although being inexpensive, still people think over how much long lasting it is. The answer ultimately depends on the daily oral care you give to your teeth. Habits like smoking and chewing tobacco, eating, and drinking teeth-staining stuff will reduce the whitening effect.

Proper care is necessary?
Regular brushing and flossing extend the look of teeth whitening. However, indeed, whitening cannot last over a lifetime. Whether it is done with the best chemicals and receives the utmost care, the procedure must repeat after a few years. Usually, it can last approximately two to three years or more with proper care, after which it starts to fade. Life is shorter for smokers or people who regularly intake coffee, tea, wine, or other teeth-staining beverages.

Teeth whitening service
Receiving professional treatment from Almond Dental shows evident changes, and you will be glad to avail of its dental services. Talk to our team to know how long does teeth whitening last and how to take proper care. We ensure you will see bright white teeth with a confident smile.
During the treatment, the professional team will work to make your teeth brighter and do wonders. We wait to see the confident smile on your face. Call us to learn more about it.


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