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How Long Does Bleeding Last After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

October 30, 2023

Wisdom tooth extraction isn’t exactly a fun activity, but it’s the aftermath of the procedure that tends to scare people away. One of the most common concerns people have is how long the bleeding will last after wisdom tooth extraction surgery. Not to mention, for those who are squeamish at the sight of blood, dealing with an extraction site that bleeds continuously can be unsettling. However, with proper care, maintenance, and preventative measures, you can get the bleeding to stop in time. Just apply minimal pressure on the gauze inside your mouth and wait for the blood to clot. But if you would like to know more about what happens after the surgery, carry on reading this blog.

Is It Normal To Bleed 5 Days After Tooth Extraction?

Profuse bleeding 5 days after wisdom tooth extraction is not a common occurrence. However, it is completely okay to see tinges of pink blood mixing in with your saliva. This typically happens when the blood from the extraction site seeps into your saliva, coating it pink. It is important to be careful of the extraction site in this case, as the blood clot could easily get dislodged, giving way to a dry socket.

Can I Spit The Blood After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

No, spitting is usually prohibited after wisdom tooth extraction. You may be tempted to gargle or rinse the blood out, but that will only lead to unnecessary pressure in your mouth. The more the pressure builds, the harder it gets to keep the blood clot stable. But if the blood keeps gathering in your mouth, an easy way to get rid of it is by using medical gauze to soak the excess bit out and then discard it, rather than spitting the blood out physically.

How Long Will It Bleed After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Usually, the bleeding only lasts for as long as 2 to 4 hours after wisdom tooth extraction. This is considered normal as immediately after getting your tooth pulled, the gums start bleeding out. In most cases, though, the blood stops flowing after 4 hours, after which begins the clotting period.

It is extremely important then to let the blood dry out and freeze over the socket. Moreover, it is only in rare cases that the extraction site keeps bleeding without stopping, even for a moment. Getting immediate dental attention is the best solution in such instances. Dr. Prem Kumar is an accomplished dentist with over 15 years of on-field experience. One call is all it takes for him and his team to patch you up, healing your smile.

Closing Words

In short, bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction is quite normal. The extraction site will probably continue to bleed 2 to 4 hours after the extraction. However, if the bleeding doesn’t stop by the 6th hour mark, make sure to let your dentist know immediately. Alternatively, you can also reach out to the dental professionals at Almond Dental for more insight. Feel free to contact us at the following locations:

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