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How Long Can A Root Canal Last Without A Crown?

February 28, 2023

For some people, the thought of a root canal is enough to send shivers down their spine. There’s just something about a dentist digging into the roots of your tooth and scooping the bacteria out that seems terrifying. Regardless of the procedure, though, it is the aftercare that truly matters.

That is why dentists typically cover a root canal with a crown so that you can use your pearly whites as normal. However, a crown isn’t always necessary. There are cases where a crown placement is not required after a root canal. So, how long can a root canal last without a crown? To find out, keep reading this blog.

Does Every Root Canal Need A Crown?

Surprisingly, no. Not every root canal procedure results in a dental crown placement. The entire purpose of a crown is to provide support and stability to the tooth, increasing its lifespan. Moreover, during a root canal, the bacteria-ridden pulp is surgically removed. This leaves your tooth hollow and empty, which is why it is then thoroughly cleaned and filled.

In case of a seriously damaged tooth, your dentist might decide to place a crown to give your tooth more structure and security. However, not every case of tooth decay is as harmful. As long as your tooth is okay on its own and doesn’t require additional backing, a crown is not needed.

How Long Does A Root Canal Last Without A Crown?

It depends on the severity of your case. For instance, if you never got a crown after the root canal, your tooth can last for an extremely long time. But only if you take excellent care of it and maintain a healthy dental hygiene routine. In contrast, if your root canal tooth had a crown on top, but the crown fell off, it’s best to contact your dentist immediately.

A crown falling off a root canal tooth is considered to be a dental emergency. Not to mention, if your tooth is already in a critical state, a crown falling off will only make it more vulnerable. And even though you can go several weeks without a crown, it is recommended to get it replaced as soon as possible.

Times You Can Get A Root Canal Without A Crown

A dental crown can significantly increase the survival rate of your tooth. Given how crowns work to protect and strengthen a tooth, along with looking extremely natural, dentists often prefer to cover the decaying tooth with a crown. Although, if the tooth is healthy and doesn’t need extra shielding, then this additional step can be foregone. Here are some instances where a crown placement is not necessary after a root canal:

  • The tooth is located at the front of your mouth rather than the back.
  • The tooth is not infected or severely injured.
  • The tooth has never previously been affected by a dental issue.
  • There was no previous restoration treatment performed on the tooth.

Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of Your Root Canal

No matter how good your dental health is, until and unless you actively take care of it, you could be indirectly affecting its lifespan. Mentioned below are a few factors that affect the longevity of a root canal procedure:

  • Timing of the treatment.
  • Condition of the tooth.
  • Location of the tooth.
  • Quality and material of the restorative filling.
  • Patient’s age

Get Your Crown Replaced Today!

If your crown fell out on a root canal tooth, contact a dentist at your earliest. However, if you want to know how long a root canal can last without a crown, the answer may vary. Based on the condition and location of the tooth, you might not require a crown altogether. Nevertheless, for more information on dental crowns and root canals, reach out to Almond Dental. You can also visit us or call at any one of our following locations:

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