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How Can Splints Save Your Teeth?

March 30, 2020

Many adults and children grind their teeth while sleeping or even while being awake. As a result, people face facial pain and headache. Continuous grinding can also wear down teeth. To be safe from all these problems, it is advisable to wear a mouth splint that would act as a guard for teeth during the night and save a person from bruxism.

Splint for teeth is similar to the mouth guard used for boxing. A dental splint comes in different types. These are either made of rubber or plastic and are adjusted by the dentist to fit in the mouth. A mouth splint is also available at a local store, but it may not fit properly.

Advantages of a Mouth Splint for teeth

Teeth clenching causes pressure on the teeth. But using a mouth guard or a splint may protect the teeth from unnecessary pressure and create a barrier between upper and lower teeth. Wearing a mouth splint also reduces any grinding noise at night.

Side effects of a Mouth Splint

Mouth splints are helpful in guarding the teeth, however, these also have side effects. Though the side effects are minor yet it is important to know what problems a person may face.

Discomfort and irritation

Mouth splints may cause discomfort initially, and a person may take some time to become familiar to them. A person may also feel a strange sensation while wearing a night guard. However, sleeping without a mouth splint may cause the jaw to become sore.

Pain and pressure

A mouth guard that is not fitted properly may cause pain and soreness. When splints do not fit, teeth may begin to shift from their place. To save yourself from this problem, it is important to check the fitting of the splint before buying it.

At best, a person should take custom fit mouth guard to avoid all the problems of pain and discomfort. Dentistry like Almond Dental takes care of the fitting of the mouth splint. Visit us today and get the mouth splints that suit you. You can also call us on 612-782-7000 or 763-762-7177 to get the best-fitted splints for yourself.


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