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Emergency dental care

Your friend called you for a get-together, but you are afraid that you won’t be able to join them because of a sudden severe toothache.

Your child accidentally fell from the chair and got his front teeth chipped.

At a party or home, while enjoying your favorite food, you started feeling a strange sensation in your teeth.

The first thought that strikes you is finding a dentist that will deal with your dental emergencies without asking you to sit in a long line. Taking prior appointments can be troublesome in case of emergencies. At Almond Dental no need to wait for a scheduled appointment to deal with urgent care as we know that dental emergencies can strike any time.

We deal with a range of dental emergencies from minor to severe involving any issue related to your teeth or gums.

For emergency dental care, the following needs to be known to you:

  • An Emergency might be severely painful or can be painless at times.
  • Emergencies can be a result of an infection or injuries.
  • They can also involve a procedure to restore teeth if needed.
  • Though some teeth complications might look harmless, however, they should be treated without delays as delays might affect the normal functioning such as talking or eating.
  • These can also be injurious to nerves or tissues, and some can become life-threatening if not treated on time.
  • Ignorance of any urgent dental problem might end up getting an extensively expensive treatment at times.

Take notice of the following signs of dental emergencies to save a permanent loss of a tooth:
Intense pain in teeth or gums, sudden tooth loss, severe damage to teeth, displaced filling or crown accompanied with severe pain, tooth luxation, broken braces, jaw fracture, or persistent swelling in gums. If you notice any of the mentioned emergencies, please contact our office at Maple Grove or St. Anthony immediately and get the treatment you deserve. Some of the dental injuries can wait for the dentist’s appointment while others need prompt action.

Almond Dental knows that your smiles are precious to you and your family. Therefore, we give all your dental emergencies utmost importance and due care. To make your dental emergency anxiety-free, we provide same-day appointments to treat all your dental concerns. Our team of experts at both St Anthony and Maple Grove are available Monday- Friday starting as early as 8:00am.

All you need to do is identify your dental emergency and contact one of our offices. Our specialized team without unnecessary delays is committed and eager to provide you the highest quality services and will take care of all your needs.

Finding an appropriate dentist at the time of emergency without delays can save a lot. Call today for an appointment.

A call for emergency dental care should not be ignored. Keep your teeth healthy and keep smiling with Almond Dental.

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