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Different Types Of Dentures And Their Uses

August 15, 2021

If you’re looking for different types of dentures to know which one will suit you best, this blog can be helpful. Keep reading to learn about several dentures types.

1. Traditional complete full dentures

These dentures replace all of your teeth. Dental bridges are placed on the existing teeth, whereas complete dentures sit on your gums. These dentures are placed around 10 weeks after teeth removal.

2. Partial dentures

These types of dentures are placed when one or more natural teeth exist in the top or bottom jaw. Partial dentures are made up of false teeth with metal a piece attached to a pink-colored base. The base and metal keep the denture intact. The best thing about these types of dentures is their flexibility. You can easily remove them anytime you want and place them back.

3. Custom dentures

Custom dentures can give you an attractive smile because they are made up of expensive teeth that resemble very close to your natural ones. Also, you can see your denture before its complete. This allows you to ask for amendments so you can enjoy a beautiful smile.

4. Immediate dentures

As the same suggests, you can have these dentures in your mouth immediately after having your teeth removed. But these dentures aren’t suitable for everyone.

5. Implant-supported dentures

A dental implant is required to hold the denture in place. The dental implant lasts long and provides a firm foundation for the denture.

6. Snap-in dentures

In terms of stability, snap-in dentures top the list. Anchors or dental implants are placed onto the existing teeth to hold the dentures firmly.

Their unique quality is locator attachments that are placed within the tissue side of the snap-in denture. These attachments snap onto the anchors or dental implants. This means that just like partial dentures, you can remove snap-in dentures.

These dentures come in handy when there are no teeth, but enough bone is present to support a dental implant.

7. Overdentures

These dentures are placed on the top of gums and are supported by implants. According to the needs of a patient, overdentures can sit on the upper or lower jaw. Also, they are removable.

8. Upper dentures

For missing teeth in the top jaw, upper dentures are the best solution for you.

9. Economy dentures

These types of dentures are best for a tight budget. Since they are cheap, they don’t fit well or feel comfortable in the mouth. Plus, they don’t look natural at all. A denture adhesive is required to place the denture securely.

So, how to know which one is best for you?

Now you know about the different types of dentures, can you guess which will work best for you? It can be hard to tell without an examination with a dental expert.

Schedule an appointment today with the dentists at Almond Dental and learn about the denture that will be right for you.


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