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Choosing the Right Toothpaste for Kids

August 31, 2020

Kids and adults have different oral hygiene needs. While you might love your favorite toothpaste, your children might need a different product. But which toothpaste is best for little mouths? And why do children need different toothpaste in the first place? Learn the answers- and find some shopping tips- below.

Why Purchase a Toothpaste For Kids?

Children tend to have more sensitive mouths. Of course, small children also might swallow their toothpaste. Because of these factors, children’s toothpaste should be made with kids in mind. Kids are also less likely to want to brush their teeth. Toothpaste designed in kid-friendly packaging can also encourage younger ones to brush.

Best Ingredients in Toothpaste for Kids

While children lose baby teeth, it is still important to protect against tooth decay. After all, tooth decay can have long-lasting effects. Fluoride is the most effective ingredient for fighting this decay. However, children will need a smaller amount of fluoride than adults. Children’s toothpaste should also be made without alcohol or abrasive whitening agents. These are far too harsh for sensitive mouths.

Toothpaste flavors are another key ingredient to think about. While adults might love refreshing mint, lots of kids find this flavor too bold. Toothpaste for kids comes in all sorts of fun, mild flavors. Choose a tasty fruit variety or a more gentle mint flavor to keep your kids comfortable.

Don’t Forget the Toothbrush and Floss!

Of course, toothpaste is just one part of your child’s oral care routine. Choosing kid-friendly toothbrushes and dental floss will help you create a whole healthy routine. Toothbrushes for children have smaller brush heads and narrow handles, which are perfect for smaller hands and mouths. While children can certainly use adult floss, plastic floss picks can make the job easier. These are also a great option for parents who floss for their children.

Visiting a Pediatric Dentist

Visiting a dentist is crucial for people of all ages. Only a dentist can diagnose problems and also professionally clean the teeth. It is never too early for children to see the dentist! Call Almond Dental to schedule a checkup for your child today.


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