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7 Effective Methods to Treat Sinus Tooth Pain

Oct 15, 2021

It may come as a shock, but sinus and tooth pain are interconnected to each other. In fact, a lot of times, one of the symptoms of a sinus infection is tooth pain. Loss of sleep, problems in concentration, and pain while food consumption are the kinds of issues an individual with sinus problems has […]

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Swollen Gum Around One Tooth

Sep 15, 2021

Did you wake up with uneasiness in the morning, only to find that there is swollen gum around one tooth? No need to panic; you’ll find all the information needed to understand what it is and why it happens. There can be more than one reason why your gum is swollen around just one tooth. […]

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8 Ways To Heal A Burnt Tongue

Aug 30, 2021

If you have ever sipped tea or coffee in a hurry, chances are you may have burnt your tongue. A tongue burn is a common occurrence, and many people face it. It is painful and can cause discomfort. But you shouldn’t worry too much as the burn will get better with time. Meanwhile, you can […]

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Different Types Of Dentures And Their Uses

Aug 15, 2021

If you’re looking for different types of dentures to know which one will suit you best, this blog can be helpful. Keep reading to learn about several dentures types. 1. Traditional complete full dentures These dentures replace all of your teeth. Dental bridges are placed on the existing teeth, whereas complete dentures sit on your […]

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Treating Gum Abscess At Home

Jul 30, 2021

Having a dental abscess is a painful experience, and definitely, you’ll want instant relief. Only a dentist can provide proper treatment for an abscessed tooth. But while you wait for professional help, here are some home treatment tips that can help you find relief from the pain caused by gum abscess. Ignoring a dental abscess […]

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