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Can You Get Braces Behind Your Teeth? | Brief Explanation

June 30, 2022

Braces are the most common way to align your teeth. The look of braces is a huge source of social anxiety among people. Surveys suggest that around 65% of the people who get braces experience anxiety. People mostly get anxious about how their smile looks and what others think about them. The great news is that now you can choose alternative ways to get your teeth to align. A popular cosmetic dentistry procedure is getting behind teeth braces that are out of general view. Your friends and colleagues may not even notice that you have braces.

The procedure is similar to normal braces, except they are always custom-made, and you get them on the back of your teeth. Your orthodontist will start by taking a scan of your bite, calculating a plan of alignment, and ordering these lingual braces. This whole process will take some time, up to 6 weeks. Once your braces arrive, your dentist will apply them to the back of your teeth. The rest is all similar to normal braces, minus the anxiety. If you are eligible for these lingual braces, it’s a win-win situation.

Somethings To Know About Getting Braces Behind Teeth

Lingual braces may prolong the process of aligning your teeth as compared to normal braces because of the customization process. They are also more expensive compared to normal braces because the wire is always custom-made. Besides the expense and customization, they work similarly to normal braces by applying gentle force on your teeth. The process will take the typical 18 to 36 months, depending on the severity of your teeth.

Getting braces behind your teeth will surely be a great asset to reducing your anxiety. Do know that they will interfere with eating and speaking in the first few days after you get the procedure. Also, you will have to take extra care of your teeth because reaching back teeth braces with a toothbrush is difficult. If you don’t have a proper dental care routine, then debris from your food will get stuck in these braces. The result could be infection, fungal growth, and periodontal diseases. If you do have a proper dental care routine, don’t worry, you won’t have any problems.

Are Lingual Braces Right For You

You may get anxiety because of braces and want to get lingual braces, but they are not for everyone. Your orthodontist will be the one to decide whether they are right for you or not. Children can not get lingual braces because their small teeth don’t have enough space to hold brackets on the back. If you have an excessive bite (externally erect teeth), you can’t get braces either. Only adults and teens can get braces after proper examination and an orthodontist’s recommendation.


Back teeth braces are not much different than normal braces, but the plus point is they are out of view. Getting braces can be a great choice for your smile and looks. Our orthodontists will guide you with the best of their expertise. If you need orthodontic treatments, please contact Almond dental at our St. Anthony location at 612-782-7000 or our Maple Grove location at (763) 762-7177.


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