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Can Spaced Out Teeth be a Problem?

February 15, 2020

Be it the baby or permanent teeth, there can be instances when teeth may seem spaced out and gaps may start to form between them. This condition is called Diastema. Gaps can be anywhere, but in most of the cases, the gaps form between the two upper front teeth. When gaps appear in children’s teeth, these may disappear once their permanent teeth grow.
Some of the gaps between teeth are so minor that they are barely noticeable. However, sometimes the gaps can be considerable and may need cosmetic treatment.

Reasons for gaps

Diastema can be due to several reasons. One of the most dominating reasons is the difference in the size of teeth and jaw bone. When the teeth are smaller than the jaw bone, it may create spaces. This reason may run in the family and be one of the causes of spaced out teeth.

Another cause leading to diastema is the overgrowth of tissues of gums that are around the upper two teeth. The overgrowth causes a gap between the teeth.

Certain unhealthy habits such as sucking thumb may also cause gaps between the teeth. When a child sucks his/her thumb, it puts pressure on the front teeth and pushes them forward.

Another reason for gaps in teeth is tongue thrust. In this case, when a person swallows, the tongue rather than moving up towards the roof of the mouth pushes against the front teeth. The continuous pressure may form gaps in teeth.

Lastly, gum diseases can be a major cause of space between teeth. The inflammation may damage the tissues of gums that support teeth, and ultimately the teeth may fall out, causing gaps between them.

Treatment of spaced out teeth

The gaps may affect a person’s overall impression, but Almond Dental can provide appropriate treatment for them. If the gaps are not due to gum diseases, these can easily be treated by applying braces. Braces put pressure on teeth, and they slowly move together closing the gaps.

If you do not like the idea of wearing braces, Almond Dental can provide various other alternatives to fix the gaps. Veneers and bonding are also effective ways to fill the gaps and increase the aesthetics of your smile. So if you or any of your loved ones have spaced out teeth, bring them to us, and we will provide an authentic solution to the problem. You can also call us on 612-782-7000 or 763-762-7177 for more details on spaced out teeth and their treatment.


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