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Have broken dentures? Tips for handling them with care

November 30, 2019

Gone are the days when people used to worry about their lost teeth. Now with dentures, people can maintain their fantastic looks and can even enjoy their favorite food. However, a person should handle dentures with care; otherwise, they can become loose, crack, or even break into two.

Some of the most common questions that need consideration, so you may take proper care and don’t experience broken dentures are as follows:

How to clean dentures naturally?

Cleaning dentures is vital for oral health. However, many people do not have an idea of how the dentures should be cleaned so that they do not get spoiled. Using toothpaste or home cleansers for cleaning dentures can harm them. A good solution can be a mixture of vinegar and warm water in which dentures can be soaked for cleaning.

Do dentures have to be removed at night?

If a person wants to wear the dentures at night, he/she can do so. However, removing the dentures at night can grant your bones and jaws a relaxing time. It is therefore preferred that you remove your dentures while sleeping so you may not have broken dentures in the morning

Why keep dentures in water?

Dentures need moisture to be in shape. If kept dry, dentures might lose their shape or might crack. Keeping dentures in cleanser or water when removed at night or during the day makes them stay moist and fit for use.

Why do dentures crack?

The fear of dropping dentures goes along with taking proper care of it. Most of the time, people drop the dentures by mistake while taking them off, and this causes a crack in the dentures. Furthermore, an unfitted denture would move inside the mouth, and this may result in cracks, or you may have broken dentures. Therefore, dentures should fit in the mouth perfectly. Furthermore, a person should take off the dentures with the utmost care, so they do not drop.

If accidentally your dentures crack or break, contact Almond Dental, and we will find a suitable solution for you. You can also call on 612-782-7000 and 763-762-7177 for more information.


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