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The Ache of a New Crown: Coping with Tooth Sensitivity

Mar 30, 2023

Have you ever bitten into a slice of warm, cheesy pizza — only to jolt away in pain? Or maybe you sipped an ice-cold lemonade that made your teeth hurt? No matter what reaction you may have had, if you recently got a crown, the pain is probably due to that. Tooth sensitivity is a […]

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Help! Why Are My Gums Growing Over My Teeth?

Mar 15, 2023

Most people fear gum recession, but have you ever heard of gums growing over teeth? The idea of pink fleshy gums slowly sliding over your pearly whites can be a little scary, and no one wants to lose their teeth under their gums. This condition – the overgrowth of gums – is known as gingival […]

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How Long Can A Root Canal Last Without A Crown?

Feb 28, 2023

For some people, the thought of a root canal is enough to send shivers down their spine. There’s just something about a dentist digging into the roots of your tooth and scooping the bacteria out that seems terrifying. Regardless of the procedure, though, it is the aftercare that truly matters. That is why dentists typically […]

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Front Tooth Dental Implants | The Solution To Missing Teeth

Feb 15, 2023

Losing a front tooth can be a traumatic experience, both physically and emotionally. It can impact your confidence and even affect your ability to chew or speak properly. For many people, dental implants on the front teeth offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. Whether it’s at the very front of their mouth or the […]

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How Long Do Dental Implants Actually Last?

Jan 30, 2023

Dental implants are a wonderful way to reshape your smile, especially for those with missing or severely damaged teeth. Not only do they function like real teeth, but they look just as natural too, which effectively boosts your self-esteem. With implants, you don’t have to worry about taking them out or constantly getting them replaced. […]

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Does Getting A Dental Crown Really Hurt?

Jan 15, 2023

You’ve probably heard someone say they recently got a crown, or perhaps your dentist suggested you get one. But what does that mean? Are you supposed to get coronated for your teeth and have the Queen crown you? Sadly, no bejeweled crown is waiting to be worn by your pearly whites. If anything, a dental […]

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Is It Normal To Experience Tooth Pain Under Crown That Comes And Goes?

Dec 15, 2022

Dental crowns are used to cover up decaying or damaged teeth, preventing them from further harm. In a way, it’s like wearing mini protection caps over your pearly whites. Plus, besides giving your teeth an entirely new look and feel, crowns are known for their convenience. Once secured in place, a dental crown can last […]

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Link between Covid and Mouth Sores

Nov 30, 2022

With many symptoms of covid 19, mouth sores have also emerged along with ones like ulcers and oral thrush. Dynamic research is being done to see what effects the virus is having on the oral cavity. Sometimes, the sores or ulceration may mimic a cancerous growth which may make the dentists turn their heads toward […]

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