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Why Do I Have Jaw Pain On One Side of My Mouth?

Apr 15, 2022

A sudden pain impulse out of the blue is alarming, especially if it starts in your oral cavity. If jaw pain is on one side, it’s usually not categorized as an emergency; but serves as an indicator of an underlying health issue going on. Read on this blog to know why your jaw hurts on […]

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How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Smoke?

Mar 15, 2022

A wisdom tooth removal is a common milestone for many Americans and not as painful an experience as most people would imagine. However, it’s essential to keep some guidelines in mind to ensure a successful and healthy recovery – one of which is not to smoke during the recovery period. So if you’re wondering, “how […]

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Is It Better To Brush Teeth Before Or After Breakfast?

Jan 30, 2022

You probably already know the American Dental Association’s long recommendation about brushing your teeth, which is twice a day for 2 minutes. But these guidelines don’t tell you when, exactly, you should do the brushing. People often ask us whether they should brush their teeth before or after breakfast. Most people brush their teeth at […]

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Tooth Sensitivity Months After Filling Should I be Worried?

Jan 15, 2022

Some patients complain about having tooth sensitivity months after getting a filling. Is it something usual or should you be worried about the tooth pain? Keep reading to learn about tooth sensitivity causes and when to see a dentist for treatment. What are sensitive teeth? Tooth sensitivity or “dentin hypersensitivity” is experiencing sharp pain in […]

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9 Effective Methods To Fix A Cracked Tooth Naturally At Home

Dec 30, 2021

A human tooth is made up of hard enamel and is generally a strong figure; however, it can break because of a simple impact. Dealing with a cracked or chipped tooth is a nuisance; living in constant agony reduces the quality of life. In such cases, scheduling an appointment with your dentist is the most […]

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How To Whiten Teeth When You Have Braces On – 3 Effective Methods

Dec 15, 2021

Everyone wants a bright smile with perfect pearly whites front in line. It’s a task to keep up with dental cleaning while having braces. For sure, the thought of “how to whiten teeth with braces?” must have crossed your mind at least once; if we come to think of it, is it even possible? Food […]

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What To Do About My Loose Tooth Which Is Still Attached Partially?

Nov 30, 2021

It is normal to have a loose baby tooth, but loose permanent teeth are definitely something to worry about. Baby teeth are bound to go away but permanent ones are not. Therefore, losing a permanent tooth is an indicator of an oral disease that needs prompt attention. Having a loose tooth still attached and dangling […]

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Wondering why your Gum is Receding?

Nov 15, 2021

Gum problems are more common than you think and are often neglected. They buildup gradually, so they go unnoticed until the issue progresses into a big disease. Dentists often stress self-examination and professional cleaning of the oral cavity. If you find gums pulling back from the surface of the tooth, it might be a problem […]

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Worrying About The Gap in Teeth? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Oct 30, 2021

Having a perfect smile is everyone’s dream. No one likes a gap in between the teeth because it deviates the person’s attention whom we are in conversation with, which is certainly not what we need. Do you want to know more about the gap in your teeth, why does it appear, and the restoration plan? […]

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7 Effective Methods to Treat Sinus Tooth Pain

Oct 15, 2021

It may come as a shock, but sinus and tooth pain are interconnected to each other. In fact, a lot of times, one of the symptoms of a sinus infection is tooth pain. Loss of sleep, problems in concentration, and pain while food consumption are the kinds of issues an individual with sinus problems has […]

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