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9 Effective Methods To Fix A Cracked Tooth Naturally At Home

December 30, 2021

A human tooth is made up of hard enamel and is generally a strong figure; however, it can break because of a simple impact. Dealing with a cracked or chipped tooth is a nuisance; living in constant agony reduces the quality of life. In such cases, scheduling an appointment with your dentist is the most sensible thing to do. But, if you can’t get one immediately, go through with this blog to know how to fix a cracked tooth naturally for temporary pain relief.

What Causes Broken/Cracked or Chipped Tooth

A tooth may have fractures or crack up because of multiple reasons. The condition is called cracked tooth syndrome, and it is either small or harmless and may leave a vertical crack in the tooth.
A chipped/broken, or fractured tooth is common amongst children and the elderly. Here’s why a person may suffer from this issue:

  • Age factor plays a huge role. As a person advances in life, their teeth become weak because constant wear and tear increasing their damage susceptibility.
  • The pressure exerted because of teeth grinding – also known as bruxism.
  • Inappropriate fillings or large fillings which shake the integrity of the tooth.
  • Biting or chewing hard food like ice, candies, or nuts.
  • Impact due to trauma such as car accidents, sports injuries, falls, etc.
  • A tooth also gets cracked if an individual consumes peak hot and cold temperature edibles simultaneously; avoid doing so, and naturally, the problem will fix and not worsen.

How to Fix a Cracked or Chipped Tooth Naturally?

Fixing a cracked tooth at home is not wise; it is a sensitive matter best if left on the dentists for taking care of it. However, here are a few home remedies for broken tooth pain relief:

  1. Place an ice pack on the cheek for pain and inflammation reduction.
  2. Remove plaque and any sticky food particles left behind by flossing around the cracked tooth to fix pain naturally. Do not poke it unnecessarily.
  3. If you have a cracked tooth, bite a gauze over that surface for preventing pain because of over-grinding.
  4. Sleeping while keeping the head elevated is another way for pressure and pain relief.
  5. Warm salt-water rinse. Rinse mouth using this solution greatly helps in bacterial removal from the affected site.
  6. If your tooth is cracked/chipped or broken from a side, take painkillers like paracetamol for pain relief.
  7. Avoid eating from that side and consume soft foods having neutral temperature.
  8. Clove oil is known to reduce and fix pain naturally caused because of a cracked or tooth.
  9. If you want to fix a small chip or crack in the tooth, you can easily use a dental wax on its edge. It prevents any sharp edge from damaging the mouth and its soft tissues. This remedy is not suitable for a big broken tooth.

What Not To Do With a Broken Tooth at Home

  • Try filing down the edges for smoothening them using a nail filer or sandpaper.
  • Pull the broken tooth out yourself.

Dental Treatments Used For Cracked Tooth Repair

Cracked or broken tooth repair depends on a few parameters, which are:

  • Crack size
  • Location
  • Symptoms and their severity
  • Extension of the crack

After analysis, your dentist will choose one of the following treatments:

  1. Dental Bonding
  2. Crown placement
  3. Root canal
  4. Extraction

Take Out

Fixing a cracked tooth naturally at home can be a mistake, and it is best to take help from a dentist. They are well versed with complications and equipped with technologies to deal with every kind of issue that might arise during or after treatment. In case of an emergency or scheduling an appointment, contact Almond Dental now at St. Anthony location 612 782 7000 or Maple Grove 763 762 7177.


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