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7 Effective Methods to Treat Sinus Tooth Pain

October 15, 2021

It may come as a shock, but sinus and tooth pain are interconnected to each other. In fact, a lot of times, one of the symptoms of a sinus infection is tooth pain. Loss of sleep, problems in concentration, and pain while food consumption are the kinds of issues an individual with sinus problems has to deal with.

Let’s briefly discuss what sinus infection is, and then we will move on with sinus tooth pain, its identification, and treatment method.

What are sinus cavities?

Sinuses are the paired cavities in our face; found just beneath the eye. They are connected via channels. Sinuses are supposed to keep the nasal tract moist; they do this by making thin mucus drip through the nose. This drainage is necessary because it helps to keep the nose clean from dirt and bacteria.

If you have sinus pressure in the face, it is most likely due to swelling up of these cavities because of inflammation, which is very common.

How to identify sinus tooth pain?

Sinus inflammation is known as sinusitis, and tooth pain is often a marker of this condition. However, it is important to distinguish the root cause of the pain for proper relief. Here’s how tooth pain due to sinusitis is different from the regular one. Look out for the signs mentioned ahead.

  • If the tooth pain is because of the sinus, it will most definitely put pressure on multiple teeth.
  • nasal drip
  • painful ears
  • mucus production
  • sore throat
  • pressure around the eyes and forehead

7 methods to treat sinus tooth pain

It is important to get a proper diagnosis with the help of your dentist to fight this problem. Once established, you can apply the following methods for pain relief.

1. Use of fluids and steam
It is best to target the mucus buildup for release in pressure. Water aids in the dilution of mucus, so hydration can greatly relieve pain. Steam alongside the use of fluids is a plus. It supports by cutting through congestion, clearing the pathway.

2. Spicy Food
You must be wondering how eating spicy food helps relieve sinus tooth pain. The answer is very simple; heat in spices such as chili peppers or red peppers can reduce the density of mucus, facilitating flow thereby decreasing pain.

3. Sleep
It is vital to have a good night’s sleep for better functioning of the body. Humming before going to sleep has shockingly proven to be beneficial for many people. It helps clear the air pathway providing a little pressure relief.

4. Expectorant and decongestant
Sinus pressure can immediately be relieved by draining the mucus out. Expectorant expels the mucus out of the cavities in the form of phlegm. In comparison, decongestants tighten the blood vessels allowing better airflow.

5. Head position
Tilt your head and position it in a way to stop the block of pathways by mucus.

6. Anti-inflammatory food
Inflammation is the root cause of sinus infection. The use of anti-inflammatory food is helpful in the long run.

  • tomatoes
  • green vegetables
  • fatty fish
  • strawberries
  • spinach
  • eggs
  • broccoli

7. Rinsing with a saline solution
Rinsing with a saline solution every night before bed is a good practice to relieve pain.

If you feel that the sinus is not the reason for your tooth pain, please reach out to us; Almond Dental is here for you in Texas. Call now at 612-782-7000 St. Anthony and Maple Grove 763-762-7177 for information or more.


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