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3 Possible Reasons Why You Have a Toothache

October 30, 2019

Having a toothache can obviously be a miserable experience. The throbbing pain can get so bad it interferes with your ability to concentrate on even the most basic tasks. Why does this happen? Well, there are a lot of potential causes for a toothache. Here are three of the most common.

    1. Tooth Decay

This is the main cause of most toothaches. It occurs when the dentin layer of the tooth, the inner layer, becomes damaged. This leads to a great deal of sensitivity, and can also be a precursor to a cavity.

Pain will usually start out as more of an annoyance and then become extremely sharp. When this happens, that means the decay has reached the center of the affected tooth. This problem needs to be treated as fast as possible in order to reduce the chances of even more serious dental problems developing.

    1. Sensitivity to Temperature

Do your teeth tend to hurt more after you eat or drink something that’s very hot or very cold? That could be a sign your protective tooth enamel is wearing down. That is leaving the dentin exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Toothpaste made for those with sensitive teeth may help, but you need to get to the dentist for treatment.

    1. An Abscessed Tooth

This happens when a tooth’s root becomes infected due to tooth decay. If you have pulsating pain, an abscess could very well be the cause. This needs to be treated quickly – otherwise you might run the risk of losing tissue and/or bone.

No matter what’s causing your toothache, a dentist with Almond Dental can provide the treatment you need to get the relief you seek. Set an appointment as soon as you can by calling 612-782-7000 (St. Anthony) or 763-762-7177 (Maple Grove), or by contacting us online.


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